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  Tendering Procedure
All SLT purchases go through a meticulous and competitive tendering process. The current procurement strategy adopted by SLT is the optimum cost method of acceptable quality levels of products and/or services.


Request for Proposal or Quotation
SLT will invite proposals or quotations from suppliers for tenders. Proposals and quotations to be submitted online or offline as specified in the tender documents.
2. Viewing Tender Details
Offline Open Tenders are available to anyone who logs in to the SLT e-Tender Site. The relevant tender documents may be downloaded online.
Offline Closed Tenders are restricted to a selected group of registered suppliers of SLT. SLT in publishing the tender would select the relevant supplier who would be able to view and download the relevant documents after login into the system.
Online Sole Source Tenders are restricted to a selected group of registered suppliers of SLT. The Supplier may view the details of the tender document and submit a bid online which will be evaluated by SLT. There will be a tender document to be downloaded online.
Reverse auctions will be carried out for purchasing of standardized materials and for submitting the financial proposal in case of high value tenders. Further reverse auctioning will be carried out for tender negotiations. Tenderers can view the results on their personal web portal.
3. Submitting a bid/quotation
Tender proposals for Open and Closed Offline Tenders are to be deposited in the tender box before the stipulated time, after downloading and completing the relevant documents. No late tenders are accepted.
In case of On line tenders suppliers bid on line and tender will be closed automatically.
In case of reverse auctioning tenderers, participated suppliers are required to forward the final value of the bid in a detailed BOQ as required by SLT with a covering letter no later than one (01) working day.
4. Evaluation of Proposals or Quotations
For majority of tenders, SLT encourage suppliers to submit separate technical and financial proposals. As such, SLT adopts a two-stage bidding and evaluation process for most proposals. The selection criteria will be the widely accepted "Most Economically Advantageous Tender-MEAT" criteria and is being adopted in high value purchases at the moment.
5. Awarding
Tenders will be evaluated and successful suppliers will be notified of awarding via email. A letter of intent and invitation to sign an agreement will follow.
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