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  Tendering Procedure

What does it mean to be “Online”?
  If a business is described as being online, this usually means that it either:
  - has an internet connection
- has a website of its own, or
- uses e-mail to communicate with customers and suppliers.
  If you are not already online, we recommend/request your first step should be to get connected to the Internet. Read through these FAQs to find out more.

What is meant by “Online Tendering”?

  You can now download documents and bid for tenders online from the convenience of your desktop. All you need to do is log on to our website and follow links to the Online Tendering application. The Online Tendering process is very fast and secure and you can save valuable business time and material.

Is it compulsory to submit my tender through the Internet?

  If SLT indicates in the tender notice that all tenders and bids should be submitted through the Internet then yes, you MUST submit tenders online. In the case of system failure, we will accommodate paper copies of your tender, which have to be either dropped in the Tender Box at the SLT Procurement Division or delivered to the SLT Procurement Division before the indicated time.

What if I have some problem/queries regarding your website?

  If you are having trouble downloading a soft copy of the tender from the Internet please either go through the User Guidance Manual or contact our Online Tendering Support Team directly (during business hours) by:

Telephone: 94 11 2350461 and 94 11 2350212

What if I need help while submitting my electronic tender?

  If you are having trouble downloading the tender document from the Internet or uploading the tender to the system please contact the Online Tendering Support Team directly (during business hours) either by:

Telephone: 94 11 2350461 and 94 11 2350212
Mobile: 94 71 2768635 and 94 71 4755127
Fax: 94 11 2320538

If there are specific instructions or a point of contact on the tender, please call that contact directly.

What if I don’t submit my tender through the Internet before the closing time of the tender?

  Once the specified closing time passes the Internet Submission System will not allow you to submit your tender electronically and SLT will not accept submission through other modes.

What are the benefits in receiving/submitting tenders online?

  Electronic or Online Tendering carries out the same traditional tendering process in an electronic form, using the Internet.

Using Online Tendering, you can:
- Receive speedy notification of the relevant tenders
- Receive/download tender documents online more conveniently
- Submit bids online
- Reduce paper and other related costs
- Amend your bid even minutes before submission any time up to the tender closing time

How Secure is it?

  The security features incorporated in the application ensure that all activities are logged, allowing authorized SLT personnel to keep track of all persons who access the website. No unauthorized person is granted access to data and all sensitive data is encrypted. In case of natural disaster or in the unlikely event that the system crashes, the system can be restored in the minimal possible time.
  Process Validation: The solution architecture is such that even SLT administration are not granted permission to view the commercial bid of any Bidder till the closing date and time of the tender/commercial bid has lapsed. All tenders are afforded maximum confidentiality until the tender closing time.

Unauthorized Access: The system is installed at the SLT iDC (internet Data Centre) and the entire solution is protected by a firewall and intrusion detection system that safeguards it against unauthorized access and hackers.

What is a Firewall?

  A firewall is a set of related programs, located at a network gateway server, which protects the resources of a private network from users from other networks. A firewall, working closely with a router program, filters all network packets to determine whether to forward them toward their destination. A firewall is often installed away from the rest of the network so that no incoming request can get directly at private work resources.

What is a Remote Secured Database?

  The Remote Secured Database is similar to the remote server. The database is located in a secured server, which is in a remote location.

Who are Hackers?

  Hacking is an attempt to circumvent or bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network by an unauthorized person. Persons involved in such activities are called ‘Hackers’.

What is downloading & uploading?

  Using the internet or any kind of network to transfer a particular file FROM the remote server to another private or shared network is known as downloading.

Transferring particular files from a private or shared network INTO the remote server is known as uploading. This can be done programmatically or by using FTP.
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